What is behind the cup of coffee that we have at the bar or enjoy at home?


Marco Dezi, General Manager at Qahwa Limited explains it to us.

Before the roasters and even before the trusted bar, they are the coffee importers.

Qahwa is a young company that entered the Green Coffee market as an importer in 2019, but which boasts thirty years of expertise in the sector.

All the Resources operating in Qahwa are in fact experts in green coffee and today they are establishing themselves in the European market by importing raw coffee from all over the world.

“We work with roasters, but also with small and medium-sized enterprises, guaranteeing fast deliveries, assistance throughout the purchase process and after-sales, offering consultancy” says Marco Dezi, General Manager of Qahwa.

A young management that looks to the future and that combines the tradition of the product with a lot of innovation.

In fact, in addition to the care in the selection of producers, respect for the product and the constant search for quality, Qahwa stands out in the market thanks to a vision and a modern strategy that aims to digitize the company thanks to the implementation, a short, of digital channels that will allow the roaster or retailer to monitor the shipment / delivery, and will allow you to place your order online through the e-commerce platform.

Marco, how green coffee is harvest?

"Our work as importers is divided into 3 phases: the trip to the plantation to research the search for the best raw material, quality control and tasting.

The harvest of drupes (fruit of the plant in which the seed is found) in the plantations differs from country to country, usually from October to September, except for Brazil, where it is harvested from May to July. To obtain a better quality, we tend to favor the harvest in small quantities.

After harvesting, the processing of the beans begins, which must be stabilized in terms of humidity. The coffee can be washed (and an intense aroma is obtained from this process), semi-washed, or dried with a natural method to make the final product sweet and full-bodied. "

Qahwa Consulting

The thirty years of experience in the world of Green Coffee of the Qahwa Staff is able to provide personalized support and advice to roasters.

“The training of our commercial partners is a fundamental asset for our company” Dezi continues.

The future of Qahwa

From the words of its General Manager, Qahwa's future is clear: the company's energies will be directed towards strategic territorial development with the opening to Eastern European markets. "We also want to be a point of reference for small / medium roasters and thanks to the ambitious digitalization process we have undertaken, we want to provide them with the best assistance, streamlining and facilitating the purchasing processes".

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